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Our Invoice Generator Application utilizes the power of Microsoft Excel to help you Create, Track and Manage your invoices using Excel in seconds.  The Excel invoice software tool allows for simple, fast, efficient, consistent invoice generation.  You can also manage your accounts receivable at the invoice level.  Watch the video below to see how simple invoice creation can be.

  • 15 Editable Excel Invoice Templates for you to choose from
  • ‘Point and click’ Excel invoice creation
  • Customer contact management
  • A consistent professional document every time
  • Invoice PDF creation file automatically
  • Accounts Receivable Management at the invoice level – invoice tracker
  • Existing Logo use 
  • Simple to use Excel invoice automation
  • Invoice and database (customer) in one tool
  • Invoice auto numbering

All that is required is for you for have a copy of Excel and Access on your laptop or desktop.  We believe our inexpensive solution to invoice creation will help you to succeed by streamlining your process.  If you would like to buy our tool, simply contract me via the click here below and send me $12.95 by clicking on the secure link to Paypal below:

Please pay $12.95.

There are 6 tabs (pages) on the Customer Manager Tool. Below find a detailed discussion of each. 

Invoice Creator
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Use the setup page to record the details for the bill from.  This is the information that will appear on the top of the invoices the tool will create.  You’ll only need to type it in here once and you can generate limitless invoices.  Note you can designate your logo file as well as identify what directory you want your invoice PDF’s stored. 


Customer Maintenance Page

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The Customer Maintenance tab provides a good deal of functionality.  It is the place you initially record customers as well as update them as you become aware of changes;  for example a new phone number or specific standing instructions.  The page also allows for the archiving of customers.  This is key if you want to keep your focus on your active customers. 

Create Invoices Page

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Excel Invoice Generator
What could be easier -click the type of invoice you want (15 choices are available including an Excel Invoice template for consulting), and the invoice is immediately created with both you and the customer’s information.  Simply travel to the Products and Services Page and choose the P&S provided and you are done. Note Our tool facilitates several Excel Invoice Template with Logo as well as invoice with discount template. 

Customer Contact Manager

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The Customer Contact Manager Page is a place where you can record all discussions with the customer.  It is also a place, through the use of common themes that you can ensure a consistent message about the products and services you offer.  It also is a place that you have key information that the customer needs to know.

Products and Services

The Product and Services Page is where you keep the inventory of the products and services you offer.  It is used to populate your invoices thereby creating consistency and speed in invoicing.  
Additionally, you can:
1. Create an invoice here
2. Add Products and Services to your invoices
3. create an invoice for hours worked.
4. Create a PDF version of your invoice  


Accounts Receivable Page
(Excel Invoice tracker)

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An Excel Invoice database Management System
The Accounts Receivable Page allows you to stay on top of your outstanding invoices.  You can filter it by status to limit your view so you can focus on invoice aging of outstanding invoices.  

You can also capture new invoices here for monitoring your Accounts Receivables.


Frequently Asked Questions
1) What is required to run the Customer Manager tool? Answer:  The tool requires MS Excel and MS Access 2010 or newer. Our tool is actually an excel invoice with access database in the background.  with Access operating like a powerful silent partner. 

2) I have an invoice design template that I am presently using and I really like it. I would love to use your tool but I do not want to change my current invoice format.  Answer: We charge an additional $10 to integrate a new invoice.  Simply send it to us and we will do the rest.

3) I have over 200 Customers that I really don’t want to re-key. Answer: if your customers are in a spreadsheet/database in a readable format we charge $10 to systemically load them in the tool.

4) I would love to have a logo for my business, can you help?  Answer: Send us your ideas or a similar picture and we will provide a quote on creating one for you.

5) I need to send my customers invoices in PDF format does the tool do that?  Answer: Our features an Excel Invoice PDF feature which converts your excel invoices automatically.

6) How are invoices numbered? The tool features excel invoice automatic numbering.  The invoice number incorporates  both the date and a portion of the customer name.

Additonal questions contact me at:

If you would like to buy our tool, simply send me $12.95 by clicking on the secure link to Paypal below:

Please pay $12.95.

Raymond Mills MBA, MS

Raymond Mills, M.B.A., M.S.  has spent over 20 years of his career as Accountant, Investment Bank and Credit Card Technical Auditor/ Data Analyst.  His specialty was using Excel to get Big Databases including Teradata, Oracle, Sequel Server and Sybase to give up their secrets.

Ray has said “I love nothing better than using VBA to unleash the power of Microsoft Office.” If you have a challenge with Excel, Access or Word and would like to speak with Ray, you can get his contact details by clicking here: Contact Me 

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