Excel VBA Budget Tool
Do you know what most millionaires have in common? They are very intentional with their money. Put another way, they know where every dime goes.  One other interesting fact about millionaires -most never earned more than $100,000 a year.  Surprising right? So if you want to mirror success, then you need to develop a detailed personal budget.  I’ll bet as you record every expense, you’ll be surprised exactly where your money is going. 

So how do I build this personal Budget or a retirement Budget? First download my free Excel VBA Budget Tool and get out your checkbook, credit card statements and any other way you can get the details on your monthly expenses.  I will help by providing a free Budget Spreadsheet Tool to help you make it easier.  Oh, if you are building this budget because you are in a bad financial situation, my Free Spreadsheet is the way to go. 

Excel VBA Budget Tool

The first step in constructing a budget is understanding where your money goes. The free tool can make the process easy.  I’ll bet you are surprised what you learn when you get it all done.

Budget Builder Tool
Version: 1.0

I am always trying to improve my tools- Please feel free to leave a suggestion and or constructive criticism.  You can: 

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