Excel VBA Calendar Tool

Excel VBA Calendar Tool
This is the Excel VBA Calendar tool that I developed for use with my To Do Manager Tool.  You can attach the tool to a button or invoke it by selecting the Ctrl plus q keys simultaneously.   It facilitates visually selecting dates. Excel VBA Calendar tool can also be used as a “‘popup calendar” to populate date text boxes in a form. (Make sure to set the form being populated to show modal = false). To download a free copy of my tool, please use the download button below.
Excel VBA Calendar Tool used as a popup for a form
I have the Excel VBA Calendar tool code set to populate the active cell with the date the user selects. We could, however, easily modify the code to act as a popup calendar selection tool.  If you select Ctrl plus the J keys, a simple 2 control form will open and by hitting the ‘cal’ button you can populate the text box.
Excel VBA Calendar Tool

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