Key File Backup Tool

Key File Backup Tool
Key File Backup Tool

Have you ever had a workbook just disappeared? Maybe you did something dumb and overwrote it. How about a PC catastrophic failure? I love the ASUS laptop I am typing on, but it is a couple years old. it is always one cup of coffee/water away from tragedy Yes I know Excel as a backup feature, but I wanted more.

The Key File Backup Tool is my answer to that desire. It features:
– Point and click file selection
– Updates Backups for only files that have been revised (efficient)
– Runs on demand and/or when you close Excel
– Provides a note area where you can leave key details on the files

Be sure and get me your Email address new features are added all the time.  Any needed bug fixes revisons Ill send automatically.

I respect your privacy and I do not share Email addresses ever.


Size: 1mg
Version: 1.0
Published: November 9, 2020
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