VBA For Next Loops

Sub Simple_For_Next_1()
' Date          12/28/2018
' Developer:    Ray Mills
' Purpose       Demonstrate do loops
'               Change all lines to Caps
' create a worksheet object
Dim shtMine As Worksheet

' start in the right place ...

' run through the list ...
For Each shtMine In Worksheets
    'do something here
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Next shtMine

' move back to starting pt ...

End Sub

Results VBA For Next Loop
In the code above I’ve demonstrated a VBA For Next Loop.  I have also introduced the concept of a collection e.g., Worksheets represent the collection of all sheets.  Here is what the code does:
1. Creates a new worksheet object
2. Moves us to cell A1
3. Loops through the worksheets collection
4. Posts each sheet’s name in the current or Activecell
5. Moves down one row
6. Returns us to cell A1

I ran the code in the my Build a Better Budget worksheet

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