Excel Vlookup Tutorial

Excel Vlookup Function A Real Life Example
In the video below I provide a tutorial on how to use the Excel Lookup.  I also provide hints on common mistakes/problems using the function.

FunctionLooks for a value in the leftmost column of a table and then returns a value in the same row from a column you specify. By default the table must be sorted in ascending order.
VLOOKUP(Lookup value,  table array,  col_index_ num.  exact  match?)

Lookup Value
Table Array
Col Index
Exact Match?
This is the value you are looking up This is the table you are looking the value up in This is the table column number of the values you want returned Exact match = false  approximate match = true
Below I’ve provided a video VLookup Function A Real-Life Example
1. The table containing the data you are looking to should have the leftmost column (you will be using) sorted in ascending order – In the video that is Column A on the sheet on the right.
2. Make sure the item you are looking up and the column you are looking it up in are the same field types, e.g., numbers, text etc.
3. Sometimes data extracted from systems include extra spaces, zeros, etc.  Pay attention and give all data a good look over!
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