Experienced Microsoft Office & Google Sheets Developer


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I don't charge for initial conversations discussing potential solutions, exploring "what if" scenarios, or determining feasibility. I firmly believe in providing value from the very beginning, and these initial discussions help both parties gain clarity on the project requirements. Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, I provide a detailed quote for the project. I take pride in my ability to deliver within the quoted price, and I assure you that there will be no exceptions.

Most Economical

I have a strong track record of working with clients to understand their unique needs and developing tailored solutions that meet those requirements effectively. My extensive experience allows me to identify the most optimal approaches and strategies to deliver top-quality solutions. One of my key priorities is ensuring that my clients get the best value for their investment. I am committed to utilizing my skills and knowledge to provide you with the best solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Equal Attention

Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients, both domestic and international. This experience has taught me the importance of understanding each client's unique needs, challenges, and goals. No matter the scope of the project or the size of the organization, my goal is to provide exceptional service to every client.

Experienced Microsoft Office & Google Sheets Developer

Experienced Microsoft Office and Google Sheets Developer. 
Are you faced with a Microsoft Office automation ( Excel, Access, or Word) or Google Sheets challenge where you and your team lack the technical expertise to get the job done?  Are you uncertain if what you need to accomplish is even within the capabilities of MS Office or Google Sheets?  If so, I am your guy!  My name is Ray Mills, and I have created software solutions for 20 years.  I discovered some time ago that I enjoy helping people use VBA to get the most out of Microsoft Office or Google Apps Script to automate Google Sheets.  My mission is to turn clients’ visions into reality by building   Spreadsheets Apps that are efficient and effective at a reasonable cost.

If you are facing a challenge where some technical Google Apps, VBA, Excel, or Access help is needed, I would be happy to help you with my extensive experience with:
1. Excel Automation: Develop VBA macros to automate repetitive Excel tasks, streamline data analysis, generate reports, or create custom functions.
2. Access Database Solutions: Build VBA-powered Access databases to organize and manage large amounts of data, design user-friendly interfaces, create forms and reports, or integrate with other systems.
3. Word Automation: Create VBA scripts to automate document generation, formatting, mail merges, or customized templates.
4. Data Analysis and Reporting: Help clients analyze and manipulate data using VBA, apply advanced formulas, create interactive dashboards, or generate insightful reports.
5. Custom Application Development: Build VBA-based applications tailored to clients’ specific needs, incorporating features such as user input forms, data validation, data processing, and result presentation.
6. Process Automation: Assist clients in automating repetitive tasks, workflows, or business processes using VBA, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
7. Application Integration: Integrate Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Access, or Word with other software systems or external data sources using VBA to facilitate data

Why choose me over the numerous other VBA freelancers? The answer is simple:
1) The quality of the work we do.
2) Feedback from my clients like the two Yelp reviews below.  You can see more reviews Here (scroll to the bottom of the page).
3)Our diverse experience -see financial data import tools we built for a customer in both Excel and Google Sheets in the 2 videos below.  

My most recent experience has included:  Building an Inventory Management Application, Database import to Excel and Google Sheets, Automated report creation and mailing,  Dashboard design and automation, Amazon Seller Report automation, extensive reconciliation automation, data mining from large databases (a.k.a. ‘Big Data’), to identify procedural or regulatory errors.  I have experience using Oracle, Teradata, Sybase, SQL Server, ClickHouse, Access, and MySQL.  I’ve learned a great deal over those 20 years.

A custom Excel Based VBA solution by Excel and VBA craftsman can provide a low-cost, quick implementation that will result in an immediate improvement to your business processes.

Automate Excel and unleash the underutilized Power! of Microsoft Office and VBA.

My extensive background in Audit and Controllership makes me more than just a Freelance VBA Programmer, I understand controls and business.




Providing Value

Value is helping people do things better and faster. Value is educating people. Value is making people feel good about themselves and their interactions with you. Value is empowering people

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I charge $65 an hour but I prefer to quote for a total job cost, at a reduced rate. – So I can deliver – what you asked for at a cost we agreed upon. I do not charge to discuss the feasibility/ cost of projects

I am located just outside Philadelphia, but today’s various Screen Sharing technologies and the ease of transfer of encrypted files make remote work a successful everyday occurrence.

Once we agree on the scope of the work, your project will get my full attention. I have never missed a deadline and have a reputation for finding innovative solutions for getting the job successfully completed.

I enjoy the diversity of being an Excel VBA Freelancer and will accept small, large, highly complex, and simple assignments. Call me and we can have a chat about your needs.

Unlike too many VBA Developers I take the time to carefully annotate my work and am happy to walk through the code I deliver. The result is that usually modifying the work can be accomplished by people interested in learning VBA.

As a former auditor, I have great respect for data confidentiality. I will protect your data and not share it with anyone.  If requested, I will lock the code so that only authorized personnel may alter it.  I have 20 plus years working as an auditor and controller in a fortune 100 company.  My skills with Excel, Access, VBA, and large data have allowed me to automate tasks and retrieve and interpret data effectively.  My extensive background makes me more than just a developer, I understand controls and business.