Excel Audit Trail

The client called with a query: “I am trying to figure how I can make the attached spreadsheet highlight with yellow fill any change made by the user after the sheet is refreshed. The idea is the user would refresh the data from our database and if they wanted to make a change they would make […]

Excel Status Forms – Keep your User informed

You have just spent the last three days perfecting a killer dashboard for Maximum Trucking Inc.  It reaches out to 8 different site data sources.  The graphics are spot on and identify trends and emerging issues.  You run it again to test the final version and realize it takes over two Minutes to run.  No, […]

MS Office Developer 18 months in

It has been a year and half since I left the corporate world and hung up my virtual shingle.  Well, that is when I published my Microsoft Office Development www.excelandvbacraftsman.com website that is. My side-hustle goals were simple:  Generate a modest amount of income while not working full time.  Hard work, a lifetime of saving, […]