Fixing other Developers Work – Avoiding Needless Complexity

Craftmanship to aspire to One of my best customers called and asked me if I could fix an app. I knew and was friendly with the original developer. I had helped him with some code several times on zoom. He was new to MS Office development. While I’m always happy to help, fixing other people’s […]

Great FeedBack

Feedback is about listening actively, taking the time to analyze, and then thinking of the best possible solution to perform better. It provides positive criticism and allows to see what everyone can change to improve their focus and results. It brings people together and creates a healthy communication flow. A few days ago I received […]

Build a Smart Excel Combobox

Like most things in life, Excel VBA users mature as they write code overtime. Every time we search the internet for a vexing VBA problem we learn something. Of course, I hope you take the time to look at more than one solution because there may others that are better or more appropriate.  In this […]

Building Your Freelancer Platform

For the last few weeks or so I have been noodling with an idea I have for a nonfiction How-to book: Building Your Freelancer Platform. A key component, for most people, of that platform will be your website. Your website is both the sign hanging outside your virtual shop and the shop itself. Hopefully, a […]

My Savings Life.

There are many people out there that are selling the idea that your financial life is complicated, and you need help.  For most of us, the reality is it is not complicated, and that ‘help’ could be very expensive.  The spreadsheet I call My Savings Life was developed to keep your savings plan simple. I had […]

Website Code Snippet Tool

Website Code Snippet Tool Displaying snippets of code on your website can be a tricky business.  Displaying HTML code can be a downright painful.  Sure, it can be done, but sometimes the results are horrific. That code with the black background and fluorescent text from a very popular code site is in my opinion a […]

Dynamic Gantt Charts

Dynamic Gantt ChartsCreating Dynamic Gantt Charts using VBA shapes allows you infinite control over the output and to add custom touches. you were able to utilize what you learned here or improve the code, please leave a comment HereIf you enjoyed this post or found it helpful and would like to say hello and […]