The Danger of On Error Resume Next

As a developer, you are in a position to make errors that can have awful consequences. I call them scary errors, the kind people lose their jobs over, the kind that cost real dollars. What follows is an made up example of an error I came across when I was… Continue reading

Build a Smart Excel Combobox

Build a Smart Combo Box

Like most things in life, Excel VBA users mature as they write code overtime. Every time we search the internet for a vexing VBA problem we learn something. Of course, I hope you take the time to look at more than one solution because there may others that are better… Continue reading

The Key File Backup Tool

As any Excel VBA ‘Desk Jockey’ can tell you, the hours melt away when you are coding. Yesterday I was developing some HTML for my website tool and in the ‘wink of an eye’ the morning was gone. Getting the look and feel right was quite a challenge but rewarding… Continue reading

Dynamic Gantt Charts

Dynamic Gantt ChartsCreating Dynamic Gantt Charts using VBA shapes allows you infinite control over the output and to add custom touches. you were able to utilize what you learned here or improve the code, please leave a comment HereIf you enjoyed this post or found it helpful and would… Continue reading

SideKick an Excel Productivity Tool

I was watching a favorite YouTube channel and the Jack-of-all-trades Host said, “I find do my best work when I am organized”. For most of us not only do you do your best work but I will wager you are more productive, experience less frustrations and walk away from the… Continue reading

Floating Page Numbers

Floating Page Number

The VBA MS Office Developers Journal The VBA MS Office Developers Journal The Client request: “Do you know much about inserting page numbers into Word docs? I have had a few requests for it; if it is easy enough I might do it. I tried the Page number but it… Continue reading

Excel Web Scraping Custom Function Builder

Excel Web Scraping Custom Function Builder

The clients request was simple I want to pull the following financial statistics from the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch:1) Name form Ticker Symbol2) Total Revenues3) Non Operating Interest Income4) Total liabilities He was nice enough to provided the URLS as follows: The Wall street Journal Market Watch” I… Continue reading

Custom Excel Worksheet Protection

The scene was repeated far too many times: We sent out our Excel forecast single worksheet workbooks to the various divisions with specific instructions:  Do not change anything, do not add rows or columns.  Just input your forecast.  Simple right?  Invariably about 10PM when we ran our consolidation it failed…. Continue reading