Custom Excel Worksheet Protection

The scene was repeated far too many times: We sent out our Excel forecast single worksheet workbooks to the various divisions with specific instructions:  Do not change anything, do not add rows or columns.  Just input your forecast.  Simple right?  Invariably about 10PM when we ran our consolidation it failed…. Continue reading

Excel Status Forms – Keep your User informed

Excel VBA Forms - Keep your User informed.

You have just spent the last three days perfecting a killer dashboard for Maximum Trucking Inc.  It reaches out to 8 different site data sources.  The graphics are spot on and identify trends and emerging issues.  You run it again to test the final version and realize it takes over… Continue reading

Excel Complexity, Speed, Overhead and Data

Excel Complexity, Speed, Overhead and Data As a Microsoft Office Developer, I can tell you there are some amazingly complex Excel Applications out there.  For example: Did you know that new complex derivative products are often modeled, valued and perfected in Excel? That is because of the speed it can… Continue reading

Building Resilient Microsoft Office Applications

Building Resilient Microsoft Office Applications Every Day Google the word Resilience and you will read “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress”. In the computing world Application resilience is the ability of an application to react to problems in… Continue reading

MS Excel and Access Technical Prowess

Microsoft Excel and Access Technical ProwessIt was years ago and I was at my desk when a group of visitors to the bank happened by on a tour.  I didn’t know them, but they apparently knew me by reputation. One gent asked me, “How do I find technical talent like… Continue reading

Excel vs Access – When Excel Isn’t Enough

I love my work as a Microsoft Office VBA Freelance Developer A new client called a few days ago asking if I could help with automating a mailing routine.  It actually involved creating a series of reports in a pdf format and then having a button to use outlook to… Continue reading

Excel Tips to Produce Quality Worksheets

I love my work as a Microsoft Office VBA Freelance Developer Excel tips for Quality WorksheetsThink of Excel as a woodworker’s tool that you need to master to turn out fine timeless furniture.   Anyone can use a hammer and a saw, but how many can create an ornate Philadelphia highboy… Continue reading