My Savings Life.

There are many people out there that are selling the idea that your financial life is complicated, and you need help.  For most of us, the reality is it is not complicated, and that ‘help’ could be very expensive.  The spreadsheet I call My Savings Life was developed to keep your savings plan simple. I had […]

10 Steps to Build Your Freedom Nest Egg

As a financial guy I believe overspending and insufficient savings are the cause of too much unneccessary pain.  I have decided to deviate from my normal Excel Posts for what I believe can be a life changing discpline to adopt. I call it 10 Steps to Build Your Freedom Nest Egg.  it is a post […]

Budgeting, Savings and Investing to Build Wealth

In this post I am going to depart from my normal VBA based MS Office discussions to talk about a subject that is always relevant but, particularly so in these difficult times.  I had a conversation about money with a college junior.  I was surprised by the negativity and number of misconceptions he held regarding Budgeting, […]