The Danger of On Error Resume Next

As a developer, you are in a position to make errors that can have awful consequences. I call them scary errors, the kind people lose their jobs over, the kind that cost real dollars. What follows is an made up example of an error I came across when I was… Continue reading

MS Excel and Access Technical Prowess

Microsoft Excel and Access Technical ProwessIt was years ago and I was at my desk when a group of visitors to the bank happened by on a tour.  I didn’t know them, but they apparently knew me by reputation. One gent asked me, “How do I find technical talent like… Continue reading

MS Access and the Perfect Storm

I love my work as a Microsoft Office VBA Freelance Developer MS Access  and the Perfect Storm Prior to becoming a Freelance VBA Developer I made a living as a data analyst.  My skill set (speciality) was using Microsoft Excel to analyze and summarize data queries from Big Data –… Continue reading

Excel vs Access – When Excel Isn’t Enough

I love my work as a Microsoft Office VBA Freelance Developer A new client called a few days ago asking if I could help with automating a mailing routine.  It actually involved creating a series of reports in a pdf format and then having a button to use outlook to… Continue reading