Feedback is about listening actively, taking the time to analyze, and then thinking of the best possible solution to perform better. It provides positive criticism and allows to see what everyone can change to improve their focus and results. It brings people together and creates a healthy communication flow.

A few days ago I received the following feedback email from JD, he also bought me a couple cups of coffee.

“I am not a professional as you are, but just wanted to say I downloaded your Task Manager. and Budget files after viewing your videos. Thank you very much for sharing. No one does this without charging so it’s great to know that caring people , like you still exists.

I am in the start up phase of the trucking business and need to monitor a budget, clients, and tasks and your tools fit my needs perfectly. I like knowing and seeing the data that I enter and believe in the keep it simple approach. Other software programs are costly and have a steep learning curve. I just need to see the bottom line, run reports on what on what I need, and keep it moving.

I think I can use use your budget file for my trucking company as it appears to allow deleting sample data and entering real data. Most businesses invoice clients and receive pay via checks or direct deposit. Expenses are ok. So this file should work just right for my trucking company.

Thanks again Ray,”


Receiving feedback from colleagues and users help me become more self-aware of both my strengths and the areas they need to work on, as well as how others perceive me. And this gives me the opportunity to use this information towards my personal and the websites growth.
In this case it was more a thank you and I think I can use your tool.  Either “thanks” or “I think you could improve the tool by” are deeply appreciated.
Raymond Mills, M.B.A., M.S.  has spent over 20 years of his career as Accountant, Investment Bank and Credit Card Technical Auditor/ Data Analyst.  His specialty was using Excel to get Big Databases including Teradata, Oracle,  Squel Server and Sybase to give up their secrets.
Ray has said “I love nothing better than using VBA to unleash the power of Microsoft Office.” You can contact Ray @ 484 574-3190 or by emailing him Here

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