Excel Status Forms – Keep your User informed

You have just spent the last three days perfecting a killer dashboard for Maximum Trucking Inc.  It reaches out to 8 different site data sources.  The graphics are spot on and identify trends and emerging issues.  You run it again to test the final version and realize it takes over two Minutes to run.  No, […]

MS Office Developer 18 months in

It has been a year and half since I left the corporate world and hung up my virtual shingle.  Well, that is when I published my Microsoft Office Development www.excelandvbacraftsman.com website that is. My side-hustle goals were simple:  Generate a modest amount of income while not working full time.  Hard work, a lifetime of saving, […]

How to Hire an Excel Expert

How to Hire an Excel Expert First let me clarify Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an incredible powerful language and tool.  In the right skilled hands, it can do magic. It can control not only Excel, Word, Outlook and Access it can, through the COM (common language interface), control and use many other programs […]

When to call in ‘Excel Help’? Ask yourself these five questions

When to call in “Expert Help’? Ask yourself these five questions When to call in ‘Excel Help’? Ask yourself these five questions As a Freelance Microsoft Office VBA Developer, I needed to have, as a friend says, “wicked mad computer skills” if I was to succeed.  Yes, I’ve been a developer a long time though I’ll […]

My Entrepeneurial Life as a Microsoft VBA Freelancer Part II

I love my work as a Microsoft Office VBA Freelance Developer I wouldn’t have guessed the diversity of calls I get in My Entrepreneurial Life as a VBA Freelancer (Excel, Access and Word VBA Programming)   Earlier this week I received a call from a very nice lady in another part of the country asking me to […]

My Entrepreneurial Life as a Microsoft Office VBA Freelancer Part I

My Entrepreneurial Life as a VBA Freelancer So you’ve been pondering the possibility of becoming a freelance Developer.  You are tired of the cubicle jungle, unhappy with the compensation, that boss, the same old work or the crazy hours. Maybe like me, you are just ready for a new adventure. That’s what made me quit, […]

Excel VBA got me to London, Hong Kong and a Great Job.

How Excel VBA got me to London In 2020 there is expected to be nearly 2 million people graduating with a Bachelors degree just in the US.  Guess what? They are your competition.  I’ve been there. That question of how do I differentiate myself from my competition- Hard work? Sure, but how about you couple […]