Daily Business Checklist and Diary App – Every Business has a list of things that need to get done if you are to stay in business and be successful.  Those ‘checklists’ can vary widely and are bespoke to your individual business needs.  For example, my Daily Business Checklist and Diary App starts with:
  1. Check website/blog for comments
  2. Review my Email
  3. Review website statistics and download log
I did a little “net surfing” and I learned there are many Business Checklist Templates out there, but they are static and generic.  [Example Here] For some businesses there will be critical items like reviewing inventory that has a limited shelf life.  If you don’t have any raw materials your business might come to a standstill and customers will be disappointed. That could be detrimental to future business and that is disastrous.   So, I wanted to build a Daily Business Checklist and Diary App where you can tailor to your business and that you can enter a daily diary of important tasks.  The Daily Business Checklist and Diary App is what I came up with and it has three key components:
When you start the day, you know what has to be accomplished.  Any unchecked items from yesterday are subject to your immediate investigation.
Daily Task Maintenance This simple form will allow you to add (up to 15), edit and delete checklist. 1. Simply add a brief name. 2. Choose a frequency: Daily, Weekdays, Weekends and Custom allows for select specific days for each week.  In our example above Inventory is done on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 3. Set a To and From date (some of your tasks may be seasonal). 4. Add a description
Daily Diary (click on shaded Day header) In this example the user was checking the bank balance (2nd item on our example checklist) and noted a $25 dollar debit (charge). Since it was too late in the day to follow-up, he left a note in the Daily Diary for the next day.  The app facilitates capturing key day events in a single retrievable repository.  No “I left a note didn’t you see it?”
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